The healing power of diet

A lot is written about the benefits of anti-inflammatory diets and with good reason as diet plays a key role in the effective management of psoriasis. These photos (published by request! and with permission) show before and after 3 weeks of dietary treatment of plantar psoriasis of a 57 year old woman – a rapid response indeed.

The dietary treatment was largely plant based, with some grass fed animal protein and no processed or packaged foods. Some probiotic and medicinal foods were included such as healing stewed apple and sun-baked mushrooms (for their vitamin D content). The diet was followed rigorously but once healing is complete, can be relaxed.

Click here for more information about sun-baked mushrooms!

Published by Ananda Mahony

Are you struggling with chronic pain? Have you had a difficult to treat skin condition for a long time? Have you tried everything to alleviate your pain or fix your skin, but nothing seems to give any long lasting results? I work with people who are struggling with acne, psoriasis, eczema and ongoing skin issues or the chronic pain caused by neuropathy, IBS, auto-immune conditions or other sources of chronic pain. B.App.SC (Naturopathy), pain management, chronic skin conditions

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