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Holistic Pain Management – Part 1

In this podcast I discuss the origins and assessment of chronic pain with Andrew Whitfield-Cook. It was important for me to get across that chronic pain persists for reasons beyond peripheral input. While that may be part of the issue, or even the origin, the reason chronic pain persists is about a myriad of factors including central nervous system input, neuro-inflammation, attention, beliefs, emotions, lack of human connection to name a few. This podcast discusses some of these factors.


Transcript and content:

The agony of chronic pain is a huge burden on many, on both a personal and societal level. Today, in part one of Holistic Pain Management, we welcome back Ananda Mahony, an expert in the assessment and treatment of pain. In this episode, Ananda takes us through the neurobiology and theories of pain, various assessment tools and the issues of pain in our society. Ananda also discusses what worsens and what alleviates the sensation of pain, and we’ll gain some insight into integrative treatments which can offer help, especially when orthodox measures fail to relieve pain.

Covered in this episode:
[01:02] Welcoming back Ananda Mahony
[02:39] What is the societal burden of pain?
[07:56] Contributors to pain mismanagement?
[11:18] How should pain be assessed?
[16:54] What actually is pain?
[20:41] Theories of pain
[24:21] Factors influencing pain perception?
[35:19] Why medical care misses the mark
[40:58] Holistic approaches to care
[42:26] Inviting Ananda back to continue to discussion for Part 2.

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