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Holistic Pain Management Podcast 2

This podcast is a follow up to Holistic Pain Management Part 1 and in it Andrew Whitfield-Cook and I discuss some of the treatment strategies that are employed as part of a holistic approach to chronic pain.

Holistic Pain Management Part 2


From FxMedicine: “Chronic Pain affects around 15-20% of the population, with huge monetary and psychosocial burdens on the patient and the community around them.

Today we welcome back Ananda Mahony to cover Part 2 of Holistic Pain Management. Today Ananda dives in to the evidence-based herbal and nutritional interventions for pain as well as the other modalities that can be employed successfully to help improve patient’s wellbeing and quality of life.

If you missed it, you can find Part 1 here.

Covered in this episode:

[00:45] Welcoming back Ananda Mahony
[02:26] A multi-modality approach to pain
[03:59] The costs of pain management
[07:23] Evidence for herbal medicine for pain?
[08:58] Evidence and mechanisms for curcumin
[15:16] TLR4 and gut health links
[17:29] Anxiolytics: modifying pain perceptions
[20:05] The mechanisms of magnesium
[22:41] Quelling immune involvements in pain
[24:53] Neuroplasticity
[26:10] Exercise and pain management
[30:31] Role of “mini brains”
[33:06] Mitigating opioid dependence using herbs
[38:24] Drug therapies: opportunities or issues?
[41:44] Resources for further education

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