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Hello! It has been radio silence for a while but I have been working on a project and my BIG NEWS is that we are about to launch a new pain education program at Vibe Natural Health called PainWise. I am so excited about this 4-week education program because I know how powerful knowledge is when it comes to help manage pain and reduce suffering. So if you are one of the 1 in 6 Australians that is suffering from chronic pain and you want help to understand how to manage it…please come along to our launch event…see below for more!


On Monday February 17, in conjunction with Vibe Natural Health I will be launching the innovative pain education program – PainWISE and we want to see you there!
  • Learn more about pain education from some of the leaders in their field.
  • Connect with people and allied health professionals in the persistent pain community
  • Gain insights in to how the latest in neurological pain research can help you conquer pain

PainWISE is a pain education program that has been developed by award-winning clinical pharmacist Joyce McSwan to support people living with persistent pain. Its goal is to help people to understand their pain, re-train their brain, and ultimately better manage their condition.

We at Vibe Natural Health are the only multi-modality allied health practice in Brisbane offering the PainWISE program, combining the three key areas essential to pain management success: education, team care, and community, in the one clinic.


Award winning clinical pharmacist, Joyce McSwan is passionate about helping people reduce their dependency on strong and addictive pain management medications and will offer insight into ways to conquer pain through this educational program.

On the evening, Joyce will be joined by Vibe’s expert Naturopath and PainWISE facilitator, Ananda Mahony as guest speakers for the event.

As a Naturopath and Nutritionist, Ananda Mahony is a leader in her field and currently completing her Masters in Pain Management. Ananda is a Nutrition lecturer with more than 15 years clinical experience and presents pain education to health professionals around the country.

You can find more information about the PainWISE pharmacy program here: and you can read more about Vibe’s approach to persistent pain here:


Date: Monday, February 17
Time: 6pm
Address: 210 Days Road, Grange QLD
Guest Speakers: Joyce McSwan and Ananda Mahony
Light refreshments and food provided
“Goodie bags” with more information, samples and special offers for you!
We hope to see you there to find out how you can conquer pain and improve your quality of life!

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