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Food marketing to kids?!?

Have you ever perused the food options on the shelves of the supermarket looking for the healthiest option, and then read the ingredients only to find it was loaded with sugar…or something that sounds like sugar but you just can’t be sure? A recent Australian study (Pulker et al., 2018) sought to understand the impact… Continue reading Food marketing to kids?!?

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Throwing the baby spinach out with the bath water

Recently I went into a well known supermarket looking for some leafy greens to go with the dinner I was cooking. I scanned the shelves and all I could see was packets of baby spinach, rocket or mixed greens, neither on their own, both mixed with baby spinach. I felt like I was in a… Continue reading Throwing the baby spinach out with the bath water

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An after-meal stroll can help improve diabetes

The causes of chronic pain are many and varied but a condition I see with increasing frequently is chronic pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. This isn’t particularly surprising given the significant rise in Type 2 diabetes in Australia. Treatment usually focuses on improved blood-sugar control and nerve support with the aim of slowing progression and… Continue reading An after-meal stroll can help improve diabetes

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Constipation, pain and the digestive benefit of Figgy Pudding

Almost everyone suffers from constipation at some point in their lives, some of the classic symptoms including hard stools, missing a day or days at a time, difficulty going to the toilet or a feeling that your bowel motion isn’t quite ‘complete’. For up to 20% of the population this becomes chronic, and is a… Continue reading Constipation, pain and the digestive benefit of Figgy Pudding

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Healing Stewed Apple

Diarrhoea or constipation, abdominal pain and bloating are symptoms commonly associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This conditions affects up to 15% of individuals at some time in their life and is frequently associated with anxiety, stress and poor emotional well-being. The gut symptoms, emotional impact and inflammation associated with IBS can lead to chronic… Continue reading Healing Stewed Apple

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Managing sensitive skin

Up to 40% of people describing themselves as having sensitive skin and many more reporting an adverse response to a personal care product at some stage. From a dermatologist perspective, the term “sensitive” refers to those with skin that reacts or is intolerant to the use of some or many cosmetics. Sensitive skin can occur… Continue reading Managing sensitive skin