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Relief with opioid discontinuation

Managing persistent or chronic pain is complex. Frequently there is a lack of objective reason for persistent pain yet it is real, personal and subjective and people with persistent pain are of then desperately seeking effective pain relief. I recently attended an “Explain Pain” course in Cairns (which was lovely and warm), which looks at… Continue reading Relief with opioid discontinuation

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Food marketing to kids?!?

Have you ever perused the food options on the shelves of the supermarket looking for the healthiest option, and then read the ingredients only to find it was loaded with sugar…or something that sounds like sugar but you just can’t be sure? A recent Australian study (Pulker et al., 2018) sought to understand the impact… Continue reading Food marketing to kids?!?

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Overcoming sleepless nights…

For about 5 years insomnia was a regular and generally unwelcome companion of mine. Over this time I managed to function well, most of the time but there was this nagging belief that I ‘should’ be able to heal myself if I just found the right solution. Well that thought wasn’t overly helpful because there… Continue reading Overcoming sleepless nights…