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Overcoming sleepless nights…

For about 5 years insomnia was a regular and generally unwelcome companion of mine. Over this time I managed to function well, most of the time but there was this nagging belief that I ‘should’ be able to heal myself if I just found the right solution. Well that thought wasn’t overly helpful because there… Continue reading Overcoming sleepless nights…

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A holistic approach to chronic pain

An article in the recent Australian Pain Newsletter by pain specialist Dr Chris Hayes (2016) really stood out to me this month as it emphasises the necessity for a holistic approach to the management of chronic non-cancer pain. The biopsychosocial model is widely accepted as the predominant framework for understanding the experience of chronic pain… Continue reading A holistic approach to chronic pain


Sleep well to look good

A bad nights skin can leave us looking tired but usually after a few good nights sleep things improve and our appearance returns to normal. As a one off, poor sleep can be managed but long-term sleeplessness can have a profoundly negative effect on skin health. Skin issues relating to sleeplessness range from premature ageing… Continue reading Sleep well to look good