Heal Your Pain – Become PainWise

The purpose of the PainWise program is to establish the factors that are contributing to chronic pain incorporating both the medical bio-psycho-social model and naturopathic care. Strategies are established with each client to reduce the individual biochemical drivers of pain and further reduce the impact of co-morbid conditions such as insomnia. Improved overall health, well-being, and self-care and improved self-management of pain are additional outcomes you can expect. Positive benefits of this program may result in reduced reliance on unnecessary or as-needed medication.

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At the end of the PainWise you will:

  • Understand the body’s pain system and how it is influencing pain.
  • Learn strategies to help ‘turn down’ the amplified pain system within the body
  • Have strategies to feel better and track improvement
  • Have the tools to experience improved well-being and overall health
  • Understand the nature of pain and its impact on your health
  • Understand how to experience improved mood and improved quality of sleep
  • Know what foods support your health, and those that don’t
  • Have an individual at-home care program that suits your ability
  • Have the tools to put mindfulness and self-care strategies in place to more effectively self-manage pain severity

The Structure

The PainWise program involves working together for approximately 6 weeks. The structure of the program is outlined below:

Initial Appointment – 60 minutes

This appointment is the longest as involves taking a detailed case history, reviewing past treatments, and the use of questionnaires and physical examination to ascertain baseline mood, sleep, pain, and quality of life. This appointment determines how we move forward and so requires a detailed evaluation.

Weekly online PainWISE program starts – 4 sessions each fortnight online. I facilitate this course in small groups.

Over 4 sessions PainWISE covers the following topics:

  • The neuroscience of pain, explaining how the pain system works in the body including the factors that amp it up and those that calm it down.
  • The importance of an integrated healthcare team and how help to put together the best team to support you
  • The role of sleep and medications in pain
  • How lifestyle and nutrition increase pain severity based on the foods chosen and their role in creating inflammation
  • The role of physical activity in pain and how safe movement and mindset can reduce pain severity
  • How our thoughts can influence pain

Second Appointment – 30 minutes

The second appointment is scheduled 1-2 weeks after the completion of PainWase and at this stage, goals are discussed, a treatment plan can be established. Following this appointment, an online monthly group Q&A is offered as a way of staying motivated. Additionally at this stage, the treatment plan may be shared with the client’s other health care professionals, as per client preference.

Ongoing care – as needed

A program review and ongoing care for effective pain management and overall well-being are established on an as needs basis. Additional appointments can be made at this stage as per client discretion.

Appointments from here are approximately monthly for 30 minutes. At each appointment progress and goals are reviewed, any adjustments are made as necessary and information about the nature of pain, barriers and facilitators to change, self-care, graded exercise, mindfulness, dietary changes are covered. Phone or email check-in may be necessary between visits.

Appointment fees are charged at each appointment. The PainWISE course is charged as a 4 session block. Health fund rebates for nutrition are available with some private health funds. Supplements and additional testing costs are clearly outlined as required and agreed upon with the client.

Treatment results

Individual treatment results will depend on the presenting complaint and overall level of health. Most clients see improvement over the program, while others will take longer. The general rule of thumb is the longer you have had a complaint, the longer it will require treatment. Importantly we are not just trying to relieve symptoms, although that is key, the aim is to improve your overall health and make lasting changes.

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To hear me talk about chronic pain in this podcast with FxMedicine host Andrew Whitfield-Cook click on the image below: