Heal Your Skin

What If You Could Finally Deal With Your Skin and Feel Good About Yourself?

Heal your skin, get more energy, a happier tummy, and a brighter mood with three one-on-one consultations with me.

The purpose of this program is to establish the factors that are contributing to your skin issues (dietary, genetic, hormonal, digestive, chemical etc) and create individual solutions so that your skin has the opportunity to heal.

This program is ideal for acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis.


As part of this 3 appointment program, you will experience improved skin health and also improved overall health. You will understand what factors contribute to your skin problems and a tailored treatment plan will be developed for you.

Why 3 appointments? Realistically any less and you may not get lasting skin healing. Experience working with clients with skin problems over 10 years has taught me that ‘overnight’ results are often short-lived, particularly if the underlying causes are not addressed.

At the end of the Online Heal Your Skin Program you will:

  • Have clearer, healthier skin
  • Be able to see and track clear improvement over a 3 appointments
  • Experience improved wellbeing and overall health
  • Understand what underlying causes impact your skin and know how to manage them
  • Know what foods support your skin, and those that don’t
  • Have an individual at-home care program that suits your skin
  • Know what topical products suit your skin and how to choose them
  • Have mindfulness and self-care strategies in place to support your overall health

Program Structure

The Online Heal Your Skin Program involves working together over 3 appointments. The structure of the program is outlined below:

Initial Appointment – 60 minutes

This appointment is the longest as involves taking a detailed case history, determining any testing that is required and the use of questionnaires and skin examination to ascertain baseline skin health. This appointment determines how we move forward and so requires detailed health and skin evaluation. A comprehensive treatment plan is established and in some cases referrals for further testing may be recommended. To monitor progress between visits various tracking forms will be utilised.

Supplements can and do assist with treatment progress and as such may be recommended but their inclusion depends on client preference.

You will also receive:

  • A clear skin diet with 10 days of recipes with skin healing foods and guidelines for eating for specific skin conditions
  • Resources to support all you in your skin healing journey such as a diet & symptoms diary, skin tracking templates, committment and goal setting worksheets, detox your kitchen plans, information about topical solutions and more.

Second Appointment – 30 minutes, three weeks after the Initial

The second appointment is scheduled 3 weeks later. At this appointment progress and goals are reviewed, any adjustments are made as necessary. A check in by phone or email may be recommended between the 2nd and 3rd appointment to provide support and monitor skin progress.

Third Appointment – 30 minutes

At this appointment progress and goals are reviewed, any adjustments are made as necessary and information about self-care, graded exercise, topical skin care, mindfulness, dietary changes and environmental resources are discussed.

Supplements and additional testing costs are clearly outlined as required and agreed upon with the client.

Additional appointments can be made at this stage as per client discretion.

Are you interested in working with me? Or have questions?

Email me or call me on 07 3162 2211 at Vibe Natural Health to find out how I can help with your skin problem. Or if you prefer face to face appointments book here: book a face-to-face consultation.