Pain Management Resources

The resources below provide general support and information about pain related issues. If you require more personal support and care, read about How I Work.

Pain Management Support

  • PainWISE – online pain management providing the framework to understand pain and strategies to move through it.
  • Pain Australia – a national not-for-profit body established to improve the treatment and management of pain in Australia. This link takes you to “Patient Resources and Fact Sheets”.
  • Pelvic Pain – free e-Booklet by Dr Susan Evans. This booklet explains the symptoms of common pelvic pain conditions and provides some useful information about what may help. Keep in mind that in most cases, individual tailored treatments are often most effective.
  • Pelvic Pain Education Program – understanding pain helps manage pain and improve quality of life. This website provide a series of short videos about chronic pelvic pain.

Articles & Podcast by Ananda


  • Understanding Pain and What to do about it in less than 5 minutes. This video also encompasses the importance of nutrition and its impact on chronic pain.