PainWise – Pain Management Program

PainWISE is an evidence-based community pain education program designed to help you manage your pain. PainWISE isn’t just about pain medication, rather this 4-week course is about pain education and prevention. Informed by evidence-based research this course aims to empower you to understand and consequently manage your pain.

  • Learn more about pain education by practitioners schooled in pain education including Ananda Mahony.
  • Connect with people who know what it is to be in persistent pain and can understand what you are experiencing
  • Gain insights into how the latest in neurological pain research can help you conquer pain

Move freely and feel good

When it comes to pain our bodies can be overprotective, and the pain system is one area in which this overprotective role can really excel. Pain that lasts longer than a few months can be in part because your pain system is more efficient and sensitive – your nervous system has learned that pain is the ‘go-to’ response. The pain pathways become entrenched and the nerves in the spinal cord and brain change and become more responsive.

Understanding what neuroscience has informed us about how pain becomes persistent can actually help reduce pain, and there is a growing body of evidence to support this effect…that is, knowing how pain works in the body can help reduce the threat of pain and pain itself.

There is a science to pain and when you understand it, it makes heaps of sense. However, despite the growing tsunami of research in this area many health professionals don’t know about it or understand it. To be clear, pain protection isn’t about weakness or mental issues. It’s also not about a worsening trauma or injury. It is however about your body doing a really good job of protecting itself.

When our pain system becomes overprotective, it can stop us, sometimes literally in our tracks. It means we are going to move less, participate less in everyday activities, and sometimes even engage less socially. These are the things that are actually necessary to help move us away from persistent pain and towards recovery. 

The good news is that re-training can help to wind back over-protection so that your system is less sensitive, and this can mean less pain.

Training yourself to be less protective

The first step is to understand your pain. Just understanding can help to reduce pain.

Of course, we don’t want to reduce necessary protective responses, but resetting the system to provide protection when needed, and not activate when you don’t.

PainWISE can help you understand pain. This 4-week course covers:

  • The neuroscience of pain, explaining how the pain system works in the body including the factors that amp it up and those that calm it down.
  • The role of sleep in pain severity
  • How food and inflammation can increase pain severity
  • Safe movement and mindset, how these factors can reduce pain severity

Staring with an understanding of the pain system and what you can do to influence it puts you back in the driving seat. But you don’t have to do it alone. At Vibe Natural Health, we have an integrated team of therapists, including PainWISE facilitator Ananda Mahony that can support you in your journey towards recovery.

Want to find out more? Pain education facilitator and senior Naturopath Ananda Mahony will help you make sense of your condition and provide experienced advice, informed by your individual case history, as to which treatment options might benefit you best.

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