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Practitioner Referral

If you are a healthcare practitioner working with people experiencing chronic pain, then I would love to support you and your patients.

Do you have clients in persistent pain?

Have you identified that unhelpful beliefs or catastrophising thoughts are increasing your client’s pain severity?

Do your clients respond well to treatment, only to return with the same or worse pain with the next visit?

Do you have clients who are scared to put into place treatment strategies you recommend?

The management of chronic pain in Australia is an unmet need, with as many as 1 in 5 people living with persistent pain daily. Evidence suggests that when patients have up-to-date information about pain science and understand their pain, practitioners are more able to effectively treat their patient’s pain. There is a real need in our community for innovative and evidence-based solutions. Patients who understand their pain is more than just a biological state are more likely to participate in active recovery strategies, benefit from improved outcomes and experience enhanced quality of life. 

That’s why Ananda runs PainWISE, a comprehensive pain education course for patients. PainWISE is an online, small group persistent pain program. Its goal is to help people understand their pain, re-train their brain, and ultimately better manage their condition. PainWISE doesn’t take over care, it provides adjunctive care by through connection and education, so your patients are more informed about their pain, connect with others who are experiencing chronic pain, and become more involved in their path to recovery.

How does PainWISE support you, as their practitioner?

As a stand-alone educational strategy PainWISE allows you to focus on what you do best, reinforcing what you are doing with your patient, not replace it. The PainWISE program doesn’t focus on the biological aspects of pain, instead it looks at pain from a holistic perspective, supporting your patients understanding of pain, which means they are more likely to embrace the therapeutic recommendations you make. And your patients’ benefit from a pain care team approach.

As an online course, PainWISE is available to patients all over Australia.

For more about PainWISE click here

To refer your patients to PainWISE, contact Ananda Mahony