PainWise – Innovative Pain Education

Hello! It has been radio silence for a while but I have been working on a project and my BIG NEWS is that we are about to launch a new pain education program at Vibe Natural Health called PainWise. I am so excited about this 4-week education program because I know how powerful knowledge isContinue reading “PainWise – Innovative Pain Education”

Turmeric, a super spice for pain

If you do a quick search about Turmeric on the Internet you may begin to wonder what it can’t do. The list of benefits reported is extensive and the diseases it is purported to treat are numerous. This super-spice is popping up in all sorts of interesting ways from Turmeric lattes to fermented drinks. ItContinue reading “Turmeric, a super spice for pain”

Holistic Pain Management – Part 1

In this podcast I discuss the origins and assessment of chronic pain with Andrew Whitfield-Cook. It was important for me to get across that chronic pain persists for reasons beyond peripheral input. While that may be part of the issue, or even the origin, the reason chronic pain persists is about a myriad of factorsContinue reading “Holistic Pain Management – Part 1”

Vitamin D and chronic pain

When it comes to the management of chronic pain one of the nutrients I consider in many cases is vitamin D. The idea that there was a link between chronic pain and vitamin D levels came from a paper I read a decade ago (Faraj, 2003) outlining the relationship between non-specific low back pain andContinue reading “Vitamin D and chronic pain”

An after-meal stroll can help improve diabetes

The causes of chronic pain are many and varied but a condition I see with increasing frequently is chronic pain associated with diabetic neuropathy. This isn’t particularly surprising given the significant rise in Type 2 diabetes in Australia. Treatment usually focuses on improved blood-sugar control and nerve support with the aim of slowing progression andContinue reading “An after-meal stroll can help improve diabetes”

Overcoming sleepless nights…

For about 5 years insomnia was a regular and generally unwelcome companion of mine. Over this time I managed to function well, most of the time but there was this nagging belief that I ‘should’ be able to heal myself if I just found the right solution. Well that thought wasn’t overly helpful because thereContinue reading “Overcoming sleepless nights…”