Relief with opioid discontinuation

Managing persistent or chronic pain is complex. Frequently there is a lack of objective reason for persistent pain yet it is real, personal and subjective and people with persistent pain are of then desperately seeking effective pain relief. I recently attended an “Explain Pain” course in Cairns (which was lovely and warm), which looks atContinue reading “Relief with opioid discontinuation”

Holistic Pain Management Podcast 2

This podcast is a follow up to Holistic Pain Management Part 1 and in it Andrew Whitfield-Cook and I discuss some of the treatment strategies that are employed as part of a holistic approach to chronic pain. Holistic Pain Management Part 2 From FxMedicine: “Chronic Pain affects around 15-20% of the population, with huge monetaryContinue reading “Holistic Pain Management Podcast 2”

Vitamin D and chronic pain

When it comes to the management of chronic pain one of the nutrients I consider in many cases is vitamin D. The idea that there was a link between chronic pain and vitamin D levels came from a paper I read a decade ago (Faraj, 2003) outlining the relationship between non-specific low back pain andContinue reading “Vitamin D and chronic pain”

A conventional view of naturopathy in chronic pain

A set of excellent guidelines by NPS MedicineWise includes complementary medicine approaches as part of overall health care planning for those in chronic pain. The specific recommendations also include aspects of life such as physical fitness, mood, sleep, relaxation and overall health. I find these inclusions so positive as they support a holistic approach toContinue reading “A conventional view of naturopathy in chronic pain”

Healing Stewed Apple

Diarrhoea or constipation, abdominal pain and bloating are symptoms commonly associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). This conditions affects up to 15% of individuals at some time in their life and is frequently associated with anxiety, stress and poor emotional well-being. The gut symptoms, emotional impact and inflammation associated with IBS can lead to chronicContinue reading “Healing Stewed Apple”