Relief with opioid discontinuation

Managing persistent or chronic pain is complex. Frequently there is a lack of objective reason for persistent pain yet it is real, personal and subjective and people with persistent pain are of then desperately seeking effective pain relief. I recently attended an “Explain Pain” course in Cairns (which was lovely and warm), which looks atContinue reading “Relief with opioid discontinuation”

Holistic Pain Management Podcast 2

This podcast is a follow up to Holistic Pain Management Part 1 and in it Andrew Whitfield-Cook and I discuss some of the treatment strategies that are employed as part of a holistic approach to chronic pain. Holistic Pain Management Part 2 From FxMedicine: “Chronic Pain affects around 15-20% of the population, with huge monetaryContinue reading “Holistic Pain Management Podcast 2”

Imaging Tests don’t help low back pain

I recently attended the annual Australian Pain Society (APS) conference in Adelaide. A commonly agreed message from presenters is that once you have chronic pain, imaging does not help. Not only are X-rays, CT scans and MRIs not helpful in identifying the causes of chronic pain, but excessive use may also put patients at riskContinue reading “Imaging Tests don’t help low back pain”