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A high fat diet worsens post-operative pain and inflammation

Obesity commonly correlates with increased pain. One of the mechanisms for this is relatively straightforward; having central adiposity (fat around the stomach region) or being obese is associated with low-grade chronic inflammation, and this, in turn, is associated with a … Continue reading

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A new culprit in Type 2 Diabetes

Fat rather than sugar may be the most significant culprit in the development of diabetic neuropathy in Type 2 diabetics. Diabetic neuropathy is the most common complication of diabetes. It can occur anywhere but commonly in legs and feet leading … Continue reading

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Holistic Pain Management Podcast 2

This podcast is a follow up to Holistic Pain Management Part 1 and in it Andrew Whitfield-Cook and I discuss some of the treatment strategies that are employed as part of a holistic approach to chronic pain. Holistic Pain Management … Continue reading

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Kitchen Table Wisdom

Come and see me talk about ‘Real Food for Real Nutrition’ at the inagrual Kitchen Table Wisdom event.

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The healing power of diet

A lot is written about the benefits of anti-inflammatory diets and with good reason as diet plays a key role in the effective management of psoriasis. These photos (published by request! and with permission) show before and after 3 weeks … Continue reading

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Dietary Influences on Acne

A recent Australian trial conducted at RMIT University, Melbourne, has shown that a low glycaemic index (GI), high protein diet improved symptoms of acne including the number of facial lesions. It also reduced the causative factors associated with acne such … Continue reading

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