Ananda Mahony
  • As a Naturopath I provide patient-centred, evidence informed & integrative health care to all patients.
  • I have integrity, deep care and compassion, helping patients to thrive and achieve wellness of body, mind and spirit.
  • I love to support patients through education, collaboration and inspiration.

My expertise in treating skin conditions came from personally experiencing adult breakouts and chemically sensitive skin in my 20s despite already being a practicing naturopath. I wouldn’t leave the house without applying makeup and I felt like I didn’t want to face the world. So I delved into the research to find out how I could successful treat my skin condition and discovered a combination of nutrition and lifestyle principles that gave me the results I wanted so desperately. My skin healed and I really started feeling good about myself.

With my own success under my belt I started to focus on skin problems with my clients and have successfully helped clients with chronic skin problems for over 10 years.

Over the last 3 years I have also been working extensively with clients experiencing chronic pain. My interest in pain management was born out of frustration that my clients were not getting good results using standard naturopathic and medical approaches, as well as an innate curiosity about what underpinned their pain and how to work more effectively with it.

It was a challenge creating a new program that addresses these complicated issues, but certainly one that brought about positive change for many of my clients. Most of my clients arrive by referral – either from other health care professionals or previous clients who have had successful outcomes.

I am passionate about keeping up to date with research and new approaches, and as a senior nutrition lecturer and student supervisor I am able to do this and support new nutritionists on their journey. I also enjoy embracing professional education. I studied Human Nutrition at a post-graduate level at Deakin University and have completed a Masters in the Science of Pain Management at Sydney University to align more closely with clinical practice.

I am a member of the following associations:

  • The Australian Pain Society
  • National Herbalists Association Australia – an association promoting the registration of Naturopaths

Prior to working in clinical practice I worked in the area of neutraceutical research and development, which entailed detailed research and analysis of raw herbal and nutritional ingredients and thinking up creative ways of making new products. This was a great place to learn how to help my clients because I learnt that quality ingredients are essential for beneficial outcomes, and this factor is as important as the evidence for the ingredient. I have also owned and run a successful online natural and organic skin care store. I moved on from this area 5 years ago to focus on clinical practice, where I can help clients more effectively. I am still very passionate about quality natural skin care and the use of sustainable ingredients, and I regularly review new natural products on my blog.

I love food and nutrition however I take a very practical stance. Crowding out with local, sustainable and simple whole-foods rather than cutting out food groups unnecessarily is my focus. The food I serve at my table is based around these principles and I work with clients in the same way.

On a more personal note the most popular blog I have ever written was about my eyebrows and the process of growing them back after over-plucking (they will never fully recover). I am a nature and animal lover and on weekends can frequently be found in the garden with dirty nails because I can’t find my gloves, my standard poodle, two Bantam chooks and native bees buzzing around. I can successfully grow beautiful flowers but would soon starve if I had to live on produce from my veggie patch!

Ananda Mahony, B.App.SC (Naturopathy): Clinical Nutrition, Naturopathic Medicine, Integrated Pain Management