How I work

Working with me will entail addressing the underlying cause of your condition instead of just symptom control. I will work with you to understand the individual causes and help find out what works for you. You will end up with a clear treatment path, reduce unnecessary medication and know how to manage moving forward. Working with me will facilitate change and allow you to feel better, move with more ease and look good.

With skin issues this approach will …

  • Help you manage your skin condition naturally
  • Understand the drivers of your skin condition
  • Find a path through the maze of approaches to find a solution that suits your individual needs
  • Look and feel radiant
  • Make lasting healthy changes for long-term wellbeing and skin management
  • Reduce the impact of toxins in your home and skincare
  • Reduce unnecessary medication

In ongoing pain, this approach will …

  • Reduce your pain
  • Find out and address what is contributing to your pain and address it
  • Work from a bio-psycho-social approach: to do this we will understand and work with the medical and biochemical issues causing your pain, the emotional and beliefs keeping you in the pain cycle and the impact the pain has on your interactions with friends and family, and finally help you set goals that envision a brighter future.
  • Improve your quality of life, mood and relationships with friends and family
  • Have a good nights sleep
  • Feel part of things again


I believe a strong knowledge base is essential to work with clients with any chronic condition. To be effective in the areas of skin and pain means I need to be across both the medical and naturopathic models and keep abreast of new advances to make sure I am providing the best care I can.

I have completed study in Pain Management at a Masters level so that I understand the language and framework of medical pain management, and the type of intervention or medication prescribed. In the area of skin care, my length of experience has also brought understanding of the medical model and commonly used treatments.This means you can discuss your medical treatment plans with me and I can help you understand them and the impact of treatment.

I think it important that my clients have a thorough understanding about what is happening for them. For my clients, knowledge allows them choice of therapy, ensuring they are part of the decision-making process rather than just on the receiving end.

I also have an innate curiosity about understanding what is happening for an individual, which is fundamental to determining how to manage it. This drives a deeper level of investigation starting with a detailed case history and often including pathology testing and the use of questionnaires.

Finally I really believe that nutrition and naturopathy can facilitate well-being either alone or in combination with medical approaches when applied with knowledge and care. It is always a collaborative approach with my clients but may also involve working in with other health care professionals as part of an integrative team.

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